About Us

We consider ourselves to be a non-traditional law firm with a new approach to estate planning.

At Phillips & Garcia, we decided to try and change the things that are wrong with the “traditional” estate planning industry and to build a law firm that is radically different from that “traditional” model – a firm that is designed with the needs of today’s modern families in mind.

What is “Family Legal Planning?”

To get away from that traditional model, we don’t like the old term – “estate planning” – because we believe so strongly that it does not properly serve the needs of today’s family. In its place, we’ve created a new system that we call Family Legal Planning which we’ve designed to meet those needs.

As you enjoy our website, you’ll find that Family Legal Planning is intended to give you the guidance and information that you need whether you’re living together in a committed relationship, are married and growing a family, or are in a second (or maybe third or fourth) marriage. To make our legal services even more accessible, we’ve thrown out the time clocks! Family Legal Planning services are flat fee services, with no hourly billing (which people usually hate) that address each need of a family as it grows and develops.

We also firmly believe that financial assets make up only small portion of your overall “family wealth.” To us, your family’s wealth is made up of intellectual, spiritual, emotional and human assets – things that are far more valuable than just money alone. Because we are parents, we know first hand that you want to pass on so much more to your children than just financial security.