Living Together Services

Living Together Estate PlanningMassachusetts couples who are living together in a committed, long-term relationship face legal challenges that are specific to the cohabiting experience.  Some of those issues are easily manageable,  while others are more complicated and difficult. Here at the Living Together Law Center, we understand those issues and provide legal services designed to your specific cohabiting situation.

If you’re part of the Massachusetts living together community and are living with your significant other, whether in a hetero or same-sex relationship, it’s crucial to get legal assistance from a lawyer who’s lived through the challenges you’ve faced and who can personally understand your unique situation.

Remember, when it comes to living together law, you deserve a law firm that understands how the nuances of Massachusetts law can impact you, your partner and your family. You deserve a lawyer who will be your advocate. You deserve the Living Together Law Center.

Estate Planning for Cohabiting Couples

Second Marriage Estate Planning

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