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Living with My Boyfriend, the House is in His Name. Who Gets the House if he Dies?

Happy family in front of houseA woman asks: I’ve been living with my boyfriend for 8 years. We live in a house here in Massachusetts that’s in his name only. We both work and I help pay the mortgage, the gas and electric, the cable and the food.  He has a 10 year old girl from his first marriage and she spends time with us and we even do things together like going on vacation to Disney World.

But, the deed to the house is still in his name only. I’m worried about what would happen to me if he died. Who would get that house? Would I be out in the street?

Does this sound familiar? It should because at The Living Together Law Center, I see this situation all the time.  Let’s break this state of affairs down and see where this woman stands.

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