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Dog Bites: “New Bedford police shoot and kill pit bull in South End attack:” Response

“New Bedford police shoot and kill pit bull in South End attack” CLICK THE LINK TO READ THE SOUTHCOAST TODAY ARTICLE

After recent dog biting incidents we have received many questions about dog laws in Massachusetts, specifically the “who is responsible?” question. As much as we love our pets, sometimes their behavior can become dangerous and cause injuries to strangers, ourselves or even our children.

It is important to understand such laws behind pet injuries, especially for the most common case: The Dog Bite.

Dog bites can be severe and permanent, sometimes requiring expensive plastic surgeries. Like any injury, dog bites can impact a person’s ability to work and even get through their daily lives. If not protected properly, as a pet owner, you can face enormous lawsuits resulting in bankruptcy.

In Massachusetts the dog owner is generally responsible for any injury caused by the dog even when it is on a leash or has escaped from a fenced in yard.

So, as pet owners, what can we do to protect ourselves? If you own a dog, you need a homeowner’s policy that covers injuries or property damage caused by canines.  It is important to know that some insurers reject policies for specific breeds and attempt to limit benefits to dog bite victims.

When encountering such cases, persistence and knowledge of the insurance industry is vital to turn a denied or reduces claim into a paid one. This is when we come in. Just give us a call or send us an email and we can answer all your questions and help you out.

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