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Dog Bite Law: Is there a first bite exception?

Carlin Phillips of Phillips & Garcia of Dartmouth Massachusetts explains the Massachusetts Dog Bite Laws a little more this time when he answers the first bite question. THERE IS NO FIRST BITE EXCEPTION IN MASSACHUSETTS.

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Preventing Dog Bites

Recent reports have revealed that 5 Billion people are bitten by dogs every year.

Even worse, most bog bites occur on the owners property and involve children ages 5-9. As a father of a young child, this is extremely frightening.

So we’ve got a few simple basic safety tips to help reduce these dramatic statistics.

1.    Never leave children unattended when a dog is nearby or even fenced in.
2.    Don’t approach an unfamiliar dog or a dog that is sleeping, eating, or caring for pups.
3.    Avoid direct eye contact.
4.    If a dog does approach you stand still like a tree. Running and screaming will only make it worse.
5.    If knocked over, roll into a ball and remain still.
6.    Finally, never pet a dog without allowing it to see and sniff your palm-up, open hand.

By following these simple tips you and your little ones can easily avoid dog bite injuries.

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