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We’re a non-traditional law firm that provides comprehensive estate planning and Medicaid planning solutions for clients, including those having “non-traditional” living circumstances.

Second marriages. Co-habitation. Same sex couples. Blended families.

Today, many people live in situations that once were considered “non-traditional.”  With these arrangements, there are unique challenges that need to be addressed.

We also represent those in traditional relationships.

Young couples who want to protect each other financially, and to look out for new children who may be on the way.

Older couples who want to preserve their assets for the next generation, and who may be worried about losing all of their assets to a nursing home.

And all of us, who would rather determine where our assets will eventually go (instead of leaving it to the state making this decision), and who want to minimize the taxes owed to the government.

A New Approach to Estate Planning

At SouthCoast Estate Planning we decided to change the things that are wrong with the “traditional” estate planning model, and to create a new kind of firm that serves today’s modern families.  We provide:

  • Family Legal Planning 

Family Legal Planning recognizes the many different types of relationships and family situations that exist today.  Instead of trying to force clients into a pre-defined “traditional” estate plan, we craft estate plans around the unique circumstances of our clients.

  • Free Family Legal Planning session. We offer a free family legal planning session so that we can get to really know you and understand your circumstances.  If you wish to retain us, we can then prepare a customized plan to meet your needs.

See the Family Legal Planning Model

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  •  Fixed Fee Solutions that Address Each Family’s Needs

To make our legal services even more accessible, we’ve thrown out the time clocks!

  • Protecting Your Family’s Wealth

We also firmly believe that financial assets make up only small portion of your overall “family wealth.” To us, your family’s wealth is made up of intellectual, spiritual, emotional and human assets – things that are far more valuable than just money alone.  Facing issues and developing comprehensive estate solutions is one important benefit to preserving the most important wealth you have – your family.

  • Planning for Unexpected Medical Events and End-of-Life Care 

No one wants to contemplate sustaining a serious medical event in which they, or a loved one, cannot communicate their wishes for care.  Without proper planning, the families for those seriously injured may need to get court-appointed guardians to manage the legal affairs of an incapacitated person, which can be intrusive, unnecessary, and very expensive over the course of a person’s lifetime.

We help clients prepare for such unforeseen events, as well as documenting their end-of-life care wishes.

Read about Massachusetts Living Wills and Advance Directives

  • Medicaid Planning – Protecting the Wealth You’ve Earned

No one wants to lose their assets to a nursing home at the end of their life.  Unfortunately, skilled nursing care can sometimes be inevitable.

We help clients understand the steps and measures that can be taken in some instances in order to better protect their assets for their loved ones.

Read about our Medicaid Planning and Nursing Home Protection.

From our website, you’ll find that Family Legal Planning is intended to give you the guidance and information that you need whether you’re living together in a committed relationship, are married with a growing a family, or are in a second (or maybe third or fourth) marriage.

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We want to learn about you, so that we can help you plan for yourself and your loved ones.

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