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Graduate Protection Plan

Did you know that if your 18-year-old ends up in the hospital, the doctors CANNOT legally provide you with any medical information about your child without their consent?

With our Graduate Protection Plan, you will be able to speak with doctors, make decisions about their care, and take other legal actions on their behalf (if they are unable to provide consent) without having to get a court order.


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Protect Your Child Now Before It’s Too Late!

If your high school graduate is 18 or older, the law views them as an adult. And because he or she is an “adult” now, you can no longer make medical or legal decisions on their behalf.

Fortunately for us as parents, most young adults want our help in medical or legal emergencies. But to do that, it is critical that they choose someone to make legal and medical decisions for them if they are ever caught in a position where they cannot.

That’s why our firm created the Graduate Protection Plan – so that your young adult always remains protected, even if they’re not able to make medical or legal decisions for themselves.

How Do We Protect Your 18-And-Over Child With Our Graduate Protection Plan?

  • You can talk with their doctors when they cannot.
  • You can make emergency surgical decisions when they cannot.
  • You can access their bank accounts when they cannot.
  • You can talk to their insurance agents, college staff, and
    others on their behalf.


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When Your Child Turns 18, You Are Legally Out In The Waiting Room.

Don’t Let This Happen To You!

  • $149 for the First Child
  • $99 for the Second Child
  • $75 for Each Additional Child

Plus, the first $150 will be credited back to you upon completion of a comprehensive estate plan (So, your child’s plan could be free).

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